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‘Life is beautiful on a sunny day in the drill camp on the ice cap in Greenland. On warm days temperature reaches the freezing point – or the melting point – as we say on the ice cap’. Centre for Ice and Climate is a Centre of Excellence at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen under the leadership of Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen. The main activities of the centre are drilling and analysis of ice cores in Greenland with the objective of understanding climate change in the past. Ice caps consist of snow depositing during the last many millennia, and ice cores drilled at the right locations contain samples of past precipitation. When analysed using state-of-the-art laboratories and computer models, the ice cores reveal climatic information from time periods far back in time, while the individual layers show how climate changed from year to year, and document the dynamics of the coupled atmosphere-oceanice system. The vision is to contribute to an improved understanding of the present and past warm interglacial periods in order to improve our understanding of present and future climate change. 

The centre opened in April 2007 and is a 10-year effort funded by the Danish National Research Foundation building upon a long tradition of ice core research in Copenhagen. The centre leads an international effort in cutting-edge climate research, coordinate the drilling of deep ice cores in North Greenland, and is a focal point for Danish polar and ice sheet research 

http://www.iceandclimate.nbi.ku.dk. Photo: Helle Astrid Kjær.

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