8. Danish Conference on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Food Biotechnology and Nutrigenomics

Date Thursday, May 30 - Friday, May 31, 2013
Location Hotel Munkebjerg, Vejle
Organizers Danish Biotechnological Society,Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, IDA and BioPeople

Food biotechnology and nutrigenomics are rapidly growing research fields contributing to a better understanding of the interaction between nutrition, metabolism and gene expression. Recent investigations of the human gut have provided insight into the complicated interactions between nutrition and the gut microbiota. Advanced methods in biotechnology enables investigations of nutritional effects and interactions at the metabolomic and transriptomic level in relation to health and the development of life style diseases. This way nutrigenomics provides the potential for development of individual diets. Furthermore food biotechnology provides the possibilities and sustainable methods to produce healthy food and food ingredients with specific properties. Together food biotechnology and nutrigenomics are research areas providing a deeper understanding of health and nutrition, and significantly contributing to the development of healthy food and way of living. 

The present conference focuses on the latest achievements in the research fields of  

  • Nutrigenomics
  • Nutritional metabolomics
  • Nutritional systems biology and biomarkers
  • Prebiotics and functional food ingredients
  • Prebiotics
  • Cell factories for production of food ingredients
  • Food allergens Probiotics and human gut microbiota
  • Human gut microbiota and life style diseases

Invited speakers (all confirmed):

  • Michael Müller, Wageningen NL
  • Martin Kussmann NIHS, Nestlé, CH
  • Lesli H Larsen, University of Copenhagen, DK
  • Lars Dragsted, University of Copenhagen, DK
  • Claudine Junien, INRA at Jouy en Josas, F
  • Ben van Ommen, TNO Quality of Life, NL
  • Frederik-Jan van Schooten, Maastricht University, NL
  • Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Sampo Lahtinen, Kantvik Active Nutrition, DuPont Nutrition and Health, FI
  • Magali Remaud-Simeon, INSA Toulouse, F
  • Birte Svensson, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Uffe Hasbro Mortensen, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Michael Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Evolva, DK
  • Lars K Poulsen, The Danish Allergy Centre, Gentofte Hospital, DK
  • Hanne Frøkiær, University of Copenhagen, DK
  • Martin Bahl, DTU Food, Technical University of Denmark, DK
  • Adam Baker , Chr. Hansen , DK Jason Chieh Chou, Nestle, CH
  • Anita Wichmann, Wallenberg Laboratory, University of Gothenburg, S

The conference will include a poster session covering a broad range of topics on biotechnology as well as a commercial exhibition of equipment, consumables and services to Danish biotechnology.

The conference is organised in collaboration with Danish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as BioPeople.


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Regular fee:

  • Members of DBS, DSBMB or BioPeople (or employees from BioPeople member companies): 3200 Kr. 
  • Non-members: 3700 Kr.

Reduced fee for Ph.D. and Master Students:

  • Members of DBS or DSBMB 1600 Kr.
  • Non-members 2100 Kr.

One-day participants 800 Kr.

Number of participants is limited to 150.

Deadline for registration and poster abstracts: May 23, 2013.

Secretariat and vendor exhibition contact

Birgitte Magnér Egeberg, IDA Netværkscenter, Kalvebod Brygge 31 - 33, DK-1780 Kbh V Tel.: 33 18 46 46, Fax: 33 18 48 99, e-mail:bme@ida.dk.

Danish Biotechnological Society (DBS) Danish Biotechnological Society (DBS) is a scientific society established in 2006 in collaboration between Danish Biotechnology Forum and The Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. DBS is organised as part of The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA. The purpose of DBS is to facilitate networking within the field of biotechnology in Denmark, creating links between universities, research institutions, hospitals and companies. DBS represents professionals working with biotechnology and seeks to promote and communicate important issues on biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology to the public. DBS organises scientific conferences and meetings on biotechnology.