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3rd Danish Conference on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Functional Foods and Nutrigenomics – Nutrition in Health and Disease

Date Thursday, May 29 - Friday, May 30, 2008
Location Munkebjerg Hotel, Vejle, Denmark


Thursday, May 29, 2008

09.30 – 10.30

Arrival and registration.

10.30 - 12.30

Session 1: Functional Foods


Chair: Anne Meyer, Technical University of Denmark


Robert A. Rastall, University of Reading, UK: Prebiotica and symbiotics.


Richard Mithen, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK: Keynote address: The biofunctional effects of sulforaphane in Broccoli.


Two short talks (15 min)

12.30 – 13.30


13.30 – 14.30


14.30 – 16.30

Session 2: Nutrition and ageing


Chair: Uffe H. Mortensen, Technical University of Denmark


Donald K. Ingram, Nutritional Neuroscience and Aging Laboratory, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University System, Baton Rouge, LA, USA: "Diet Restriction versus diet Selection: A confluence of aging research.


Tinna Stevnsner, Danish Center for Molecular Gerontology, Aarhus University: DNA repair, mitochondria, and neurodegeneration.


Three short talks (15 min).

16.30 - 18.30

Session 3: Posters and exhibition


Chair: Marianne Weile Nonboe, Novozymes

19.00 - 22.00


20.00 - 20.30

Dinner talk: Arne Vernon Astrup, Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Friday, May 30, 2008

08.30 - 10.00

Session 4: Probiotics


Chair: Henrik Dalbøge, Chr. Hansen.


Göran Molin, Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition, Lund University, Lund, Sweden: Probiotics and disease.


Eric Johansen PhD, Innovation, Chr Hansen A/S. 10-12 Bøge Allé, DK-2970, Hørsholm: Genomics of Probiotic Microorganisms.


Hanne Frøkiær, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Biocentrum, Technical University of Denmark: Nutrition and immunity.


Simon S. Jensen, Bioneer A/S, Hørsholm, Denmark: Screening of probiotics for immunomodulatory activities using primary human cell models.

10.00 - 10.30

Coffee and exhibition

10.30 – 12.30

Session 5: Nutrigenomics


Chair: Steen Gammeltoft, Glostrup Hospital


Bruce German, UC Davies, CA, USA and Nestlé: Lipid metabolomics.


Jens Stougaard, Laboratory of Gene Expression, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Aarhus, Denmark: Plant genomics.


Lars Dragsted, Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen: Nutrigenomics.


One short talk (15 min)

12.30 -13.30


13.30 – 14.00


14.00 – 16.00

Session 6: Nutrition and obesity


Chair: Jonas La Cour, Biocenter, University of Copenhagen


Jens Nielsen, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden: Energy balance. Lipid metabolism and AMPK.


Christian Elling, 7TM Pharma, Hørsholm, Denmark: Neuropeptides in regulation of feeding behaviour. 


Thomas Meinert Larsen, Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen: Can we prevent obesity and related complications using nutrigenomics?


Bente Klarlund Petersen, The Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Nutrition, exercise and disease.

16.00 – 16.30

Closure of the conference