Ireland - Israel - Denmark meeting on

Host-pathogen communication

Date Sunday, November 11 - Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Location The David Lopatie Conference Centre, Rehovot, Israel

Exploring the intricacies of host-pathogen communication is vital in order to understand why some microbes persist within a host, while others are effectively cleared. As such, host-pathogen communication is an urgent area of research underpinning human health and disease, especially given the emerging concerns of antibiotic resistance. Understanding host-pathogen pathways requires intricate knowledge in the fields of both microbiology and immunology.

Living in a world of specialists, where scientists sometimes invest their whole career studying one organism, a specific pathway or a protein, multidisciplinary discussions of host-pathogen interactions are highly needed. This international conference will provide such a forum for scientific exchange at the highest level, between scientists from different research areas related to host-pathogen interactions, with the aim to trigger fruitful collaborations addressing the urgent questions in the field.

High-profile keynote speakers will present their work; Nobel Laureate Professor Bruce Beutler (UT Southwestern, Dallas) and Professor Ralf Isberg (Tufts University, Boston).

This meeting has an additional special focus of bringing researchers from Ireland, Denmark and Israel together to learn about cutting edge biology and form new collaborations. Thus, the conference will be a showcase for the exciting and original research emanating from these three small but innovative countries.

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