Interactions of biomaterials – strategies for optimization

Date Thursday, March 12, 2015, 09:15 - 16:15
Location Teknologisk Institut, Gregersensvej 1, Sal 1, 2630 Taastrup
Organizers ATV-SEMAPP

The use of materials that interact with biological systems, biomaterials, are rapidly progressing along with our increasing understanding of such materials as well as technical capabilities in their production. However, the area of biomaterials for medical devices and clinical use is complex and full of potential pitfalls, which needs to be addressed. 

What happens when biology and materials interact? 

The biological response to biomaterials and devices is controlled largely by their surface chemistry and structure. If the surface of a biomaterial is compromised in terms of chemical, mechanical or biological factors, this can have devastating effects on the performance of such biomaterial. Therefore it is of great significance to carefully consider surface related properties of new biomaterials. 

With the biomaterial surface as the central topic, the surface group ATV-SEMAPP is hosting a one-day symposium. Focusing on how the surface of biomaterials can interact with biology, what adverse effects can result from this interaction and how do we overcome these challenges. 

An introduction to the field will be given and through a series of speakers from academia and the biomedical industry, we will have a look at how biomaterials are used to solve clinical problems and what considerations are made to optimize surfaces for biocompatibility. Its not only human biology that is important to consider when designing biomaterials. Therefore we will also look at how biofilm-forming bacteria’s can colonize biomaterial surfaces, its consequences as well as strategies to prevent the formation of biofilms.

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