The New EFB – one year after

Publiceret Juli 2002

In July 2001, the new statutes of the restructured EFB were unanimously approved in Madrid.

Since then, our Federation has progressed impressively, and, I believe, outperformed any reasonable expectations:

  • c. 2200 personal members from 36 European and 33 non-European countries
  • c. 150 institutional members
  • a new logo, an appealing visual identity and various promotional materials
  • an informative and well visited website at
  • establishment of a central fund based on institutional membership fees
  • sound and balanced briefing and background papers
  • an impressive list of 16 EFB events including the 10th European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB10) with more than 1200 participants as well as a variety of specialised workshops covering many aspects of biotechnology
  • 11 additional EFB events that will take place during 2002 and 2003 are currently under preparations.
  • information and guidance on the EC's 6th Framework Programme for Research
  • a respected profile at high levels within the European Commission
  • a new Section on Biodiversity
  • an Associated Section on Pharma Medical Biotechnology (EAPB)
  • a new Task Group on International Relations that is now seen as a valuable instrument of the EC to promote collaborations with China (EFBIC)
  • the first EFBIC workshop in Shanghai
  • a respected profile at high levels in China
  • an ASEM workshop on food bioethics in Kuala Lumpur
  • an initiative "Ask the Scientist" established by the Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology and accessible at
  • a new Task Group on Innovation that is represented on the Advisory Board of the Biotech and Finance Forum
  • least but not last, many interesting and stimulating activities that took place within the Sections and Task Groups.

We now need your help to keep the momentum by motivating some of your colleagues to become members of EFB and contribute to the safe and beneficial applications of biotechnology by engaging in some of the many EFBactivities, in Sections and Task Groups. We need more active human resources to continue and consolidate the new developments at EFB. For more info, visit

We also need more institutional members. The achievements listed above, and the services which are offered for free to all personal members of EFB, should make it easy for you to convince your institution to become member of EFB and support our many activities with a modest annual fee. Please join us as personal and institutional members at

Also in this way you can show that you belong to a family of dedicated biotechnologists in Europe and beyond.

Join us!

EFB - European Federation of Biotechnology ( is expanding quickly, currently with 50-100 new members per month.

You may benefit from joining this dynamic forum of 2100+ biotechnologists  representing academia as well as industry that on scientific grounds deal with almost any scientific and applied aspect of biotechnology. EFB organises events like congresses and workshops and promotes co-operation, education and public understanding throughout Europe and beyond.

On behalf of the European Commission, EFB is also facilitating interactions in biotechnology between Europe and China.

Look for personal (free) and institutional membership at