Access to European Funding – 6th Framework Programme for research starting soon

Publiceret April 2002

Dissemination of information regarding important issues in European biotechnology is one of the major aims of the European Federation of Biotechnology ( With this summary we would like to inform our members about the European Union's 6th Framework Programme (FP6) for research, technological development and demonstration activities that will cover the period from 2002 to 2006.

FP6 concentrates on priority thematic areas and  aims at strenghtening and structuring the European Research Area. The proposed budget for the FP6 is 17,5 Billion Euro. The Launch Event of FP6 will take place in Brussels, 11-13 November 2002.

Invitation to Submit Expressions of Interest - An opportunity for Europe's research community to help prepare for the first calls of FP6

Prior to the formal adoption of FP6 and the first calls for proposals the European Commission now consults the European research community. The EC is inviting the submission of Expressions of Interest (EoI) to participate in research actions for topics throughout the 7 thematic priorities that could be subjects for the two new FP6 instruments "Integrated Projects" and "Networks of Excellence". This initiative will assist the EC in preparing Working Programmes and in defining the scope of the first call for proposals for FP6 envisaged later this year.

The submission of EoI is by no means obligatory. It may optimise the chances of a particular topic included in an early call. But the review of the EoI by the EC is neither a pre-assesment of the scientific and technical quality of any subsequent proposal nor a pre-selection process for any consortium.

Priority Thematic Areas of Research in FP6

Out of the 7 Thematic Priority Areas, the most interesting thematic priorities for biotechnologists are:

  • Genomics and biotechnology for health
  • Nanotechnologies and nanosciencess
  • Food quality and safety
  • Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems

New Instruments: "Integrated Projects" and "Networks of Excellence".

One of the new elements of FP6, which is essential for the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA) will be the use of these new instruments that strive to mobilize the critical mass of expertise needed to achieve ambitious objectives within the priority themes. Integrated Projects will contribute to strengthening European competitiveness, Networks of Excellence will contribute to strenghtening scientific and technological excellence. For project partnership of both instruments there must be a minimum of 3 partners from 3 different countries.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Participation of SMEs will be encouraged. Please note that at least 15% of the financial amount available for the Thematic Priorities is intended for SMEs.


EoI must be sent by email to arrive no later than 17.00 hrs Brussels time on 7 June 2002 to:

Further information:

Extended Information Service for Institutional Members of EFB

The 6 Framework Programme provides an excellent opportunity for the Biotech Community to get access to European Funding.  Small and Medium Enterprises are especially encouraged to participate;  15% of the financial amount available for the Thematic Priorities is intended for SMEs.


Further information regarding different aspects of the 6th Framework Programme

FP6 Launch Event, 11-13 November 2002, Brussels

Invitation to Submit Expressions of Interest

FP6 Priority Thematic Areas

FP6 Instruments

FP6 PowerPoint Presentation

Help and Information Desk Addresses for the Different Thematic Priorities

Genomics and biotechnology for health:

Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences:

Food quality and safety:

Global change and ecosystems:

Further interesting links


A free service provided by the European Commission’s Innovation/SMEs programme. CORDIS offers access to a wide range of information on EU research and innovation development activities and searchable databases.

Europabio SME Project

Initiated 2001 in context with FP5, this project will also provide assistance especially for SMEs to find matching project partners in FP6.

Partners for Life

Is a trans-national project co-funded by the European Commission and serves as a gateway to European research & technology funding for SMEs in the Life Sciences.

SME Specific Measures

Set up by the European Commission to facilitate the participation of SMEs in the EU RTD actions.

Biobiz Workshop Series

The European Commission is financially supporting this series of workshops (April 2002-May 2003) to help researchers to acquire the skills needed to start a biotech business.