Scandinavian Micro Biodevices A/S

Publiceret Juli 2001

"Biochip" is a general term indicating the use of microchip technology in molecular biology. Typically, vaste numbers of selected molecules, e.g. DNA, are simultaneously immobilised on a biochip. Such DNA arrays are enabling large-scale genomic and functional genomic analyses, and are poised to become routine components of clinical research, molecular diagnostics and drug development.

Apart from DNA microarrays, microfluidics is one of the important innovations of biochip technology. The goal of many components in  microfluidics is to integrate the various processes of the experiments – from sample preparation to analysis – into a single, miniaturized format that allows substantially smaller volumes of chemicals and test material to be used.

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices A/S (SMB), designs, develops and produces micro systems with tailored surface properties for applications within diagnostics and drug discovery.

By linking life sciences and micro technology at the cutting edge, it is SM?s vision to become the preferred supplier of customized devices for micro arrays and micro fluidics.

Applied Technologies

In close contact with customers, SMB designs, develops and produces micro devices based on state-of-the art prototyping and replication techniques in the areas of silicon, glass and polymer technology. Using proprietary SoftPlasma? technology, SMB is able to modify a variety of materials, e.g. glass, polymers and silicon, in order to promote binding of selected molecules (DNA, proteins) or targets (e.g. cells).

SoftPlasma™ opens up for new possibilities Plasma polymerisation opens up new areas of surface treatment as it enables adhesion and other key properties to be controlled. In the system developed by NKT, the parent company of SMB, coating is created through an entirely new simple plasma generation technique in which standard 3-phase voltage is applied to the electrodes in the production chamber. The plasma is homogeneous, even in large volumes, low-energetic, and arc-free. The plasma generator is simple in design, extremely robust and contains no electronics.

SoftPlasma™ technology is well-suited for highly reproducible treatment of surfaces that require attachment of linker molecules for selective binding of biological targets, such as DNA, proteins and cells.

From Specification to Manufacture

SMB's customers are instrument suppliers and companies in the fields of molecular diagnostics and drug discovery. Companies operating in these markets request custom development of prototypes, followed by high volume manufacture of replicated miniaturized measuring and screening systems for cells and bio molecules. Multidisciplinary skills in design, materials science and fabrication of micro structures enable SMB to realise the development of micro fluidic components from customer specification to high-volume replication.

Aided by latest design and simulation software, SMB designs models to described specifications, and simulates flow situations in micro fluidic components in ongoing active dialogue with the customer.

Flexible prototyping of flow devices enables design and features to be refined and optimized. Prototype design also gives consideration to materials and the most suitable methods for mass production.

SMB is specialized in reproducibility and high-volume production of micro structures in silicon, glass and polymers.

Reproducible assembly of biochips with tubes, interfaces and – critically – embedded biological materials.

SMB's services and products include:

  1. Slides for DNA arrays: High quality glass slides with surface modifications for covalent binding of aminated DNA molecules for all standard array instruments
  2. Micro fluidic components: polymer biochips for
    1. benchtop cell sorters
    2. point-of-care (POC) test instruments
    3. capillary electrophoresis
    4. environmental and food analysis
  1. Components for cell testing, i.e. chips comprising various materials for cell sorting, cell positioning and single or multiple cell analysis within diagnostics and drug discovery.
  2. Contract development, manufacture and supply of micro systems for life sciences, which includes that dedicated project teams develop, design and prototype micro flow devices after individual specifications, permanently keeping close contact to and consulting the customer.

About SMB

SMBis a Medicon Valley company established on the basis of a patent portfolio within fluid dynamics, cell sorting and surface modifications.

SMB is a member of the NKT Group, a Danish corporation well known for fostering the successful development of innovative high tech businesses in the fields of materials science, micro technology and optics. Located in the CAT Science Park, in the heart of the Scandinavian Medicon Valley, SMB closely collaborates with the Mikroelektronikcentret (MIC), the Institute for Process Technology and the BioCentrum, as well as with scientists and engineers from NKT Research A/S.

NKT – the parent company of SMB

Employing some 6,000 people, the NKT group had a turnover in 2000 of EURO 872 mio. Extraordinary high profits from the sale of the IC manufacturer, GIGA, to the Intel Corporation provided at strengthned financial basis for the NKT Goup vision - to become a high-tech growth and development organisation - to be speeded up.

"Technologies creating value"

NKT develops pioneering technology. The goal is to create new high tech products with commercial potential and social value. In 2001 NKT established an international research environment aimed at developing new technological solutions in the fields of life science and advanced communication. NKT is partnered in this initiative by both the Technical University of Denmark and the Universities of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus together with a number of foreign universities. The heart of this research environment will be the NKT Academy, a scientific research college where PhD students from all over the world can meet in an inspirational and highly specialised community.

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